Confidentiality Agreement


The Confidentiality Agreement sets out the terms on which the Virtual Assistant is prepared to provide their services to the client & which the client will be required to sign in acceptance.

Our templates are fully editable – you can add your branding & logo etc to the Confidentiality Agreement by completing the yellow highlighted areas with your own details.

This document is issued to each new client together with the Client Contract (the VA Terms of Business for the Supply of Services) & ensures that both parties are satisfied that full confidentiality will be provided & maintained at all times.

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Confidentiality is of paramount importance to clients & the issuing of this professionally created document will reassure the client of the VA’s professionalism when providing support & services.  The Confidentiality Agreement & Client Contract are issued to the client at the same time & both documents will be signed by both the VA & the client.

When purchased, you just need to complete the yellow highlighted areas with your own details – it’s that simple!

We have to make a small charge for these templates due to the investment made with a reputable expert to produce & update. However, once purchased, you can use the templates within your business over & over again. Virtual Assistance is all about collaboration, not competition, but we do ask you not to share these documents with others, but please refer anyone interested back to The VA Centre to obtain their own copies.

The templates will be updated as necessary when legislation changes & everyone who has purchased a copy will be informed & only charged a small fee to receive the updated template. This will be determined by the extent of amendments required, but you will not have to buy the document outright again.

Note – our legal templates are governed by UK Laws & Regulations & therefore not applicable for laws overseas. If you are not trading within the UK, you will need to obtain templates relevant to your own country.

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