Financial Letter Pack


When a client doesn’t pay on time, a Virtual Assistant will need to chase payment & when the correct procedure is followed, all evidence will be available should legal proceedings be necessary.

These four fully editable financial letters will give you confidence to chase outstanding payment from the moment the client exceeds your payment terms, to notification that formal action will be taken.



There will be occasions when clients do not pay their Virtual Assistant on time & the VA will need to chase payment. Following the correct procedure will ensure all records are correct should legal action become necessary.

This set of four editable financial letters will ensure you have all the templates in order to send the correct communication at the right time. You will then be able to:

  • chase payment when the client exceeds your payments terms with the first gentle reminder
  • follow-up with a second reminder if payment is still not forthcoming
  • then demand payment of outstanding monies
  • before finally informing the debtor that, should payment not be made, formal action will be taken.

Hopefully receipt of these letters will prompt the client to pay.  If not & you have issued a client contract then received the signed copy back, you are in a good position to implement formal proceedings to recoup the debt.

When purchased, just add to your letterhead & complete the yellow highlighted areas with all relevant details – it’s that simple!

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