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Do you want to be a Virtual Assistant?

I can help You!

My aim is to provide inspiration, resources, advice & support for new & aspiring Virtual Assistants who just don’t know where to start.

I’ve been there, lived it, know all about the confusion & overwhelm, not knowing what to do, how or when to do it, what to prioritise or where to spend your limited budget etc.

– Do you want to work from home & choose your own hours?

– Work flexibly around your family & avoid the commute?

– Earn more, or work less, but still have a good income?

– Have the skills, but lack confidence or knowledge to setup?

– Even work from anywhere, or whilst travelling?

You can as a Virtual Assistant

also known as a VA, Freelance Secretary, Virtual PA & Online Business Manager etc.

I’ll show you how to choose your title & start your own business!

I can help & guide you on this new exciting journey – click below to receive your free mini-course which will help you take that first important step to start your own virtual assistant business.

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‘5 Steps to Take Before Setting-up as a VA’

Hi there

I’m Nancy & I’ve been working as a VA since 2010. It’s a fantastic career & now I’d like to help you setup your own VA business.

If you’re sick of the 9-5 grind, the commute, inflexibility & office politics. If you’re feeling undervalued, underpaid, have a job at risk, or even hate your boss, I understand, I’ve been there too!

How would it feel to do a job you love, have the power to make decisions to suit yourself & take control of your future on your terms?

You can do it!

You likely already have the experience & skills necessary to work as a VA, but just need a little guidance & direction to begin.

I remember how lost I felt at the beginning, not knowing what equipment I needed & what wasn’t necessary for a start-up, confused by technical terms & online apps, unsure about marketing & selling my services I had determination, but at times was definitely lacking confidence in my skills & abilities.

Trust me, if I can be a successful VA, so can you & I intend to share my experience to provide you with all the resources & motivation you need to setup!

Begin your journey NOW by downloading my FREE ‘5 Essential Steps to become a VA‘ guide below.

Since Autumn 2017 I’ve realised my dream of travelling Europe with my hubby, two dogs & parrot. I can only do this by being a VA, able to work remotely so-long as I have a good internet connection. My clients are fully aware & supportive – how great is that?

Do you want to know how I did this?

All the research & necessary steps I had to take to live my dream?

Download my checklist below to find out & check out my blog for details of all our experiences & adventures, good & bad!

Keep in touch & let me know where you are & how you’re getting on.

Working as a Virtual Assistant is incredibly rewarding & there’s a whole community of VAs who will help, support, encourage & welcome new colleagues to the sector.  Join the Facebook group & find out more.

As a VA:

– You will be able to choose your clients & the people you work with, or don’t want to work with…

– You will draw on your experience to deliver professional support to clients who are more than willing to pay for your services

– You will choose where you work & when you work to have a great work/life balance & flexible lifestyle

– You will expand your knowledge, learn new skills & demand rates which will ensure you have a great income

– You will be a part of your local business community, an expert in your field & develop satisfying working relationships with clients & colleagues

– You can even begin setting-up your VA business whilst still in employment…

Don’t hesitate. Take action now. Download my FREE e-course to begin your VA journey.

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Oliva & Driving Licence Decision

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Are you unsure exactly how a VA could help you & your business? Where do you actually find a VA? How do you ascertain their competance, skills & experience? How the relationship will work?  What do you need to ask during your first consultation?

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