“How many pairs of shoes do you have?”

This was a question I was asked recently.  I’d flown to London for a meeting with one of my clients, her team & board.  As I work remotely, although I’d been in contact with everyone by email or phone, I’d actually met very few of the people there.

Some may have known that I was based outside of London, but few were aware that I lived & worked from Spain.  Naturally they were curious & wanted to know more about my lifestyle.

Learning that all hubby Rob & I own fits into a car prompted the question about the number of shoes I have & a peer under the table to see what I was wearing!

This was funny & I half wished I could show something more shocking than my smart brown & red ankle boots!

Brown and red boots with button fastening12 pairs if you’re wondering, plus wellies.

In just under 18 months, I’ve never worn my black kitten heels or cream wedge sandals, whilst there’s a few other pairs have only rarely been used.

With wide size 8 feet, fashion footwear has generally never fit so when I find smart comfy shoes, I look after & keep them for as long as possible.

So even if I worked in London, I’d still not own many more pairs than I do now, but then I’d never work in London & consider myself fortunate not to have to conform with appropriate attire to be accepted in the corporate world.

Not when being a Virtual Assistant has given me the opportunity to work from Spain in my flip-flops!

We pack carefully, having a couple of suitcases in case we go on holiday elsewhere, but with most of our clothing & a change of towels & bedding in vacuum sealed plastic bags with the air sucked-out.  This idea didn’t seem quite so bright once I realised continental homes have tiled floors & no vacuum cleaners…

I resort to first rolling on the bags to expel air & then sucking as much more out as I can by, well, sucking!  It’s the reverse of getting light-headed when blowing-up a balloon ​​​​​ 🙂  But it works well-enough.

I have a few packing cubes for our smalls, but did cram so much in these that some of the zips broke.  My shoes are in a (now tatty) canvas storage case & I stuff my socks into the boots & trainers.

Packing bags and cubesI have to be organised with packing so I know where to find everything.  This works most of the time as we have toiletries bags, a blue holdall for wires, cables & extension leads, a cream one for small electrical items (hairdryer, straigteners & travel kettle etc), a bag for my sewing notions, large laptop bag for my computer & accessories & nylon backpack for pet paraphernalia.

But there’s always a last-minute bag or two for all the bits & pieces that naturally collect on tables & worktops, or that we need right-up to leaving a home.  These are the items that drive us nuts when we attempt to find them & cannot remember in which bag they may be.

We’ve undoubtedly left stuff behind, but if we cannot remember what & haven’t missed it, then we cannot have really needed whatever it was we left!

We’ve never been possession oriented & I’m appalled by today’s throw-away society & shiny-object syndrome, having to have the latest new thing, when the one you already have still works fine.

I’ve been surprised that I haven’t missed anything we used to have but don’t now.  Admittedly, we need to rent furnished property & accept the varying degrees of comfort, how well the kitchen is equiped, (or not) & someone elses taste in ornaments & art.  But that’s a minor detail to the life that we’re enjoying.  We move stuff around to suit when arriving somewhere new & hide the most appalling clutter, then put it all back when we leave.

No problem.  Where to next?