As mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve been travelling as a virtual nomad for more than a year now & have stayed in 10 different homes with as many make-shift office areas to work.

It’s been great!

A challenge at times, but other than a few odd days (like when we were flooded), I’ve been able to provide seamless support to my clients. That’s really important to me as it’s my choice to travel & they shouldn’t have their support compromised as a result.

Check out some photos below of my many working areas.

None are from the beach though!  Does that surprise you?

If you had the opportunity, would you be straight down to the beach, laptop at the ready?

I’ve discovered it’s actually nigh-on impossible to work in the sun as you cannot see the computer screen. I’ve tried! I’ve sat with my back to the sun, tried facing it, squinted, put on sunglasses, taken them off again, used a cardboard box & determinedly coped for a while, but eventually, both laptop & I overheated & retreated into the shade or the cool of aircon indoors.

When working from my home in the UK, I had a dedicated computer desk & chair, optimised for comfort during long hours of working online. In preparation for impromptu working areas, I brought as much as I could: my laptop, separate keyboard, ergonomic mouse, mat with gel wrist support, cooling base & a riser to bring the screen up-to eye level.

First of all when booking accommodation online, I scruitinise the photos to identify what tables are available. Then, when arriving at a new temporary home, I scour the house, garage & outbuildings for a suitable table or desk, moving these into the room I’d decided would be my office area. This is usually somewhere in front of a window with a good view, but I do sometimes work outside for a while in the shade under the terrace. However, most chairs have been uncomfortable as I’ve sat on hard dining chairs, padded with cushions, plastic, wicker or wooden patio chairs of varying designs, my back & neck protesting as I work.

I’ve also been in homes where the internet hasn’t been great, or unreliable, so have camped out in local cafe-bars. Wherever you work, have a backup plan in case the wifi, or even the electricity supply goes off. I have reliable associates who can step-in & cover should I be unable to work at all.

As we have dogs, most of our acommodation is in rural locations which means the electric will go off at some point.  We are prepared & always check out the fuse box, water supply & method of heating & cooking upon arrival at a new place.

The kitchen in Alhaurin el Grande was in a room separate from the house, a step away across the terrace with a very dodgy power supply!  We’re unable to have one elecrical item on at once, so could not use the kettle & microwave, or washer & toaster etc at the same time & the fuse often flipped off over & over again for no apparent reason.  The electric always failed during the frequent autumn storms & quite often the water too, whilst the internet dropped out periodically too.

Our next home near Orihuela had excellent wifi speed & was reliable, except for just one day, whilst the connection in the beach house near Oliva failed intermittently for a few seconds each day.

I wouldn’t swap our lifestyle though, not for the quickest internet anywhere!