It rained. When it rains in Spain, it does-so with gusto. None of the endless grey days of constant drizzle of the UK. The rain was Rain running from a corrugated roof in the nightvery heavy for long periods & often accompanied by thunder & lightning – very dramatic!

We live up a lane from the main road, then further up a side lane to the gate at the top of our drive. The concrete drive at the side of the house slopes downwards ending at the tiled terrace along the front of the house. This area is covered with a corrugated metal roof extending almost to the pool edge just beyond. It’s possible to drive the car onto the terrace & under cover right up-to the front door & we probably will on moving day at the beginning of 2019.

Raining into a swimming poolUnfortunately, there’s no gutter on the corrugated roof so when it rains, all the run-off, muck, dirt, dead rodents & all, drops into the pool. The water soon became black & filthy.

The weather had turned Autumnal at the beginning of September, cooler & wetter with frequent bouts of rain, so not appealing for a swim anyway. After a couple of weeks, it brightened-up so we cleaned the pool & refilled it using our cobbled together system of foil funnel & paddling pool.

Then it rained again, & again, & again.

A full swimming pool in the rainWhen it’s stormy, the electric often flips out & we have to wait a few hours before it’s turned back on. I was fortunate that this wasn’t during my work time so client tasks were not interupted. We stood & watched the rain, experiencing the thunder & lightning. It wasn’t unusual for the windows & light fittings to rattle with the thunder & I experienced a complete white-out during one strike. I lost my sight to the sheer brightness of lightening directly overhead, followed by complete blackness until my eyes adjusted afterwards.

The storm settled in our valley & trapped by mountains all around, didn’t move. It had rained non-stop all day & I went to bed just before midnight, still with ongoing thunder & lightning. I woke hourly during the night & there was no change in the weather. I’ve never know such heavy rain, so much thunder & lightning, constantly for so long.

A muddy tiled terraceAt 3am, the storm hadn’t abated, but amazingly, the electric was still functioning.

By 5am, the storm still raged, but we had no power.

I awoke a couple of hours later & the rain had lessened, but it was dark & with no electricity, I couldn’t do anything, so waited until daylight.

Our kitchen is in a separate room across the terrace with a two inch step down. A good way to keep the heat of cooking out of the main house in Summer, but a daft design too. Although the terrace is covered, both ends are open to the wind (or welcome breeze when it’s hot) & water flows across the tiles & sometimes down the step into the kitchen. Or that morning, mud had too.

Sweeping up mud from a tiled terrace floorThe rain had washed the soil off the field above the house, down the drive & dumped the silt onto the terrace. The kitchen was flooded in two inches of water with a good layer of mud beneath. The pool was black & had filled to the top, 3-4 feet overnight! Our top lane wasn’t too bad having a relatively hard surface, but the lane to the road had washed away. Deep gullies & large stones have made it treacherous to drive in an ordinary car & we pick our way down in Dobbie very carefully.

Although messy & time-consuming to clean-up, afterwards we realised we’d actually come-off lightly.

Bailing water from a kitchen with a blue bucketThe storms & flash floods had done dreadful damage & lives were lost. This blog shows a house an hour’s drive away from us near Ronda. Some areas of Malaga Province received over 11 inches of rain in less than six hours, just under 5 inches in an hour & nearly 1 inch in ten minutes!

According to our landlady, the weather was unusual & unseasonable, turning cool & wet far earlier than usual. So-far, the weather continues to be mixed & unsettled & at times, quite cool. When the sun is out, it’s warmer outside than in the house so I sit working with a blanket over my knees & hunted down fingerless gloves as my mouse-hand gets cold.

We live on one level so any heat will gradually warm the whole house so, to take the chill off, we bought an electric oil-filled radiator & then some wood for the stove.

Cleaning a very muddy kitchen floorArriving at the wood yard, we were faced with a choice of bagged eucalyptus or olive logs. I’d no idea & hadn’t known there be different wood available so hadn’t thought to Google which was was best beforehand!  As we have another three months of Winter here, we bought both, together with a sack of kindling.  So-far, just a few days later, I’ve discovered that the eucalyptus catches fire quicker, whilst the olive is harder to light, but then slower to burn.

Cosy nights indoors here we come!